Curated List: Podcasting Tools

Podcasting infrastructure is still being set, and the market is still open for your voice.

Welcome to A$A – I’m David Sherry. Every day (ish) I point out something happening online that can teach you about building a brand.

This post is my first Curated List – On tools that can help new podcasters. It’s built in case you want to take action. Maybe you’re developing a show for your brand. Maybe you’re still thinking about jumping into podcasting. As it relates to marketing, I think it’s one of the best ways to build long term trust, the the medium is still being built. There are lots of comparisons here, but it’s true: I think it’s similar to the early days of blogging.

You can, if successful, hold people’s attention for hours as you speak, tell stories and explore topics with your audience.

This curated lists will be opinionated, I’ll share what I think is the quality resources in a given industry. So, it’s not every option. Let me know if you like this format as part of the media mix. Tomorrow will be my next Riff (a 2nd long form written prediction based on what I believe the tea leaves are saying).


Listen Notes – Like Google but for Podcasts. Purchase transcriptions of podcasts and search by author or guest. – A Weekly Podcast Magazine curated by creators and brands.

Podhunt – An upvote site for the days best podcast.

Podcast Notes – Highlights and bulleted notes from top podcasts (biased towards self-improvement style podcasts).


Temi – Speech to text transcription.

Descript – Audio transcription that makes you audio editable by text.

Otterai – AI-powered live transcription service.


Docs – TBH docs is still best.

Airtable – Collaborative spreadsheet for media. Docs/Notion work well too.

Hellocast – Organize your guest list, publishing schedule, calendar, and workflow.


Castup - Professional audio and video editing services for Podcasts starting at 40¢ per minute.

Auphonic – Podcast post production to improve your sound quality.


Overcast – The smart speed controls and overall speed of the app makes it my favorite.


Transistor.FM - Host all of your podcasts in one place. Good people + product.

Where to Record

Zoom – Split the tracks, and record remotely. You only have to pay if you use 3 or more guests.


Blue Yeti (Beginner)

Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone (Pro)

Paid Subscriptions – Make it easy for your fans to pay for your podcasts.

Worth Reading

Hot Pod News - The best newsletter on the Podcasting Industry.

Podcast Industry Research Worth Reading

How much do you get Paid (Today) in the podcasting industry? (WYNC)

Az16 2019 Podcasting Ecosystem Report. – 68 Page overview + investment thesis.

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