Founder-Freelancer-Coach-Creator? Plus My Reading List

“The more identities a man has, the more they express the person they conceal.”

― John le Carré, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

Hey, just quick heads up, I’m branching out a bit on topics here beyond just brand/attention – to topics on digital business building or relevant areas that come up in conversation with founders/creators I speak with.

I appreciate you hanging with me and understand if that’s not for you.

Why? I realize that I’m weird in that I…

A: Started/ran a remote, global company since 2013, grew it to $2M+ in revenue with a team of ~2 people. My co-founder lives in New Zealand and I was in Ohio. We literally met online. It’s the only “job” I ever really had, and we made up a lot of our own non-conventional ways of doing things…

B: Now I Consult and Coach founders who are also remote, early-stage, and looking to scale. Because I never worked anywhere, I believe this is a blessing and curse. The blessing is I think I add new perspectives and sometimes am not trapped by convention. The curse is I don’t know much about working at big organizations… or what the word “Scrum” means.

I also feel like I worked through many challenging cycles of remote/global creative work in the years prior to this whole shift.

C: Personally I am no longer in any one category… Founder? Consultant? Coach? Freelancer? Creator?

I think this will shift to more and more people becoming “Full Stack” in whatever role they are in. You might have a side project. You might even have a Rolling Fund, but you fill other roles too.

So I’ll share things that I think are for those types of people. For people who are looking to build their career in multiple roles, often at one time.

I think this is the new norm.

We are in the great migration to the internet.

It only accelerates from here…

Telegram Reading List + Recent Reads

I keep a weekly Telegram channel that I publish what I’m reading to. It’s one thing that people have actually asked me to charge for, which I was kind of stunned by.

So, I might charge for it. Basically I consume everything and them am verrry picky about what I share. But that means you get a channel directly to reads/media that I find most interesting.

Still free for now, but here is the channel:

Here are some recent reads:

  1. Squad Wealth

  2. The Potential for Slow Fashion

  3. Scarcity Status versus Abundance Status

  4. Are business models the new frontier for innovation?

  5. Taiwan is now Arrakis

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