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Hey, What’s up I’m David Sherry.

  • Founder of Death to the Stock Photo (Stock media co. to 500k subscribers and $3M in revenue with a team of 2)

  • Co-organizer of Jacuzzi Club, a brand community for 350+ brand owners and operators.

  • Always worked for myself. Been remote, with a global team since 2013.

  • Coach to Founders and Creators of remote teams… (Ex. client is the no-code startup Makerpad, exited to Zapier.)

  • Very interested in crypto investing and a major brand enthusiast.

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Art$Attention is a hand-curated collection of relevant information designed to help super-creatives create and do.


  1. We live on the long-tail.

  2. We live in the long-now.

  3. The internet unbounded education.

  4. The internet unbounded our schedules.

  5. The internet unbounded our friend group.

  6. Finding friends online is about finding commonality. The crowd has no commonality and should be avoided.

  7. Therefore, lean into your unique edges to find friends, and promote serendipity.

  8. Scheming < Serendipity.

  9. The internet wants to be fed by us. Be careful what you feed it. And be careful what you digest.