The private recommendation letter to discover highly sought-after specialists.

Most entrepreneurs do what everyone else does, they take the stairs.

The people I share in this letter will help you take the elevator.

You can hire their services to make your life & business better. It’s for company builders at defining moments of their professional journey.

These are solo specialists, coaches, recruiters, editors, and more.

People like:

  • A pitch deck specialist who’s worked with 80+ companies to help you raise at higher valuations.

  • A ghostwriter and editor that helps entrepreneurs self-publish (some you might recognize)

  • A former pro-athlete turned top boutique recruiter who picks talent for top E-Commerce businesses.

  • And many more…

Who reads The Elevator?

Our members include E-Commerce operators, Web3 digital nomads, sought-after freelancers, and venture-backed founders.

Readers are not just number crunchers, they seek personal fulfillment and depth alongside material success.

Written by David Sherry.

Writer, Crypto investor, student of the mystics. Bootstrapped founder of Death to Stock by way of Ohio, who became an LA-based coach to early stage startup founders and business owners.

The Stairs vs. The Elevator

The Stairs = You continue to work hard, for little gain. Trying to do it all yourself, without a process or a vision for how to get to what’s next.

The Elevator = you hire someone who sees a different way of getting to where you’re hoping to go, and they take you on a journey with them. Leading YOU instead of you having to lead them.