2 New Brand Obsessions

Endel and Mineral

I think this is absolutely right.

I wanted to point out two brands I’m really loving right now that you might also enjoy.



Endel is a high-end sound-stream player for your desktop and phone. It’s like a sound machine for productivity.

This category is absolutely exploding, and the business model is incredible.

From meditation to storytelling apps, companies that are built selling small quantities of IP at scale will do incredibly well.

Go look at the app-store and as you scroll it’s practically only and all “self-care” meditation apps for the past few weeks.

Endel is unique mostly in its approach.

Not only is it a high-end price point, but they’ve chosen to be very specific about who they are, what they’re for, and what the product should provide. This strong creative direction will lead to more passionate fans of the product even if it’s not for a mass audience.

What is most interesting to me about Endel is their distribution strategy via partnerships.

We know from Fashion that the hot trend is collaborations between a niche, hip, fashion boutique and basic, regular American Brands has done well for grabbing attention. It’s great to see tech take a similar approach.

I recommend checking out Endel on your desktop to get the experience.



A second brand obsession I currently have currently is Mineral. I found them via Anthony Saniger who runs Standard Dose.

Mineral is a high-end CBD brand with an organic product at a high price point. What I love about mineral is first the product, but second how they’re elevating the entire category of CBD. They understand how to build a luxury item that creates an aspirational lifestyle. And you can tell they’ve done their homework on the science side of things as well as quality.

I really like these products:

Of course, CBD is exploding right now, so they’re well-positioned to do well.

Focus on Quality

Both of these are on the same side of the coin in the self-care category.

Both are pushing a luxury experience and hold a focus on quality.

Both have a strong creative direction that hasn’t bowed to the typical industry standard for look and feel.

They stand out because they have an opinion.

Mineral has a strong back story which is told beautifully on the site.

Endel has a great mystery feel to it where it’s hard to know who’s behind it in a good way.

I will be keeping my eye on these…

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