2020 Killed Large Gatherings. It's happening online, too.

I’m not sure if you’ve felt this subtle shift happening online, but it’s worth paying attention to.

People are wanting more private spaces to hang out, and that privacy is broken after you cross about 100 people in any group, and maybe even less than that.

One of the best groups I’m in is ~30 people. The signal quality and closeness are huge. Shout out to Adrian at The Proof.

Another 40 or 50 people and I think it’d lose its feel.

More and more, I’m seeing restricted access as a key selling point for companies and communities.

The old way of thinking about size = quality is being disrupted.

Today groups that are thriving set boundaries.

Boundaries, remember those?

We lost them as we shifted to completely open forums where everyone can jump in any conversation and say anything.

While that has value as a broadcast medium, that’s very different than a closeness and connection medium, where real opportunities and connections happen.

On the outside, we can’t gather in large groups, and interestingly enough, the digital spaces are following suit.

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