52 Examples of Brand Edges: How to Stand Out.

There are plenty of edges, but is your Brand brave enough to find one?

To have your product talked about, it has to be worth sharing. 

This sounds obvious, but in fact it’s incredibly difficult to break through.

The thing is, a “quality” product means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. And when you target everyone you talk to no one.

The only option is to speak to people on the edges. To attract them, so that they can tell the masses.

Below is an example list list of edges that people notice.

These “Edges” come from an excercise taken from an old post by Seth Godin called “Edgecraft.” Search it to find the original if you’re curious. 

I’ve adapted the list myself, as these are what people talk about, and I’ve tried to keep more current references. Hopefully they are self-explanatory.

This is sort of my branding black book. If you get this, then you are well on your way to understanding why it is that brands get talked about.

But I have to ask…

What's your edge?


Make something that's invisible, visible.

  • Open Kitchen Plan in a restaurant

  • Apples all White Headphones

Save users an enormous amount of time.

  • Amazon Prime

Engage Overlooked Senses

  • Pop Rocks

  • Aromatherapy

Beef up security

  • Stainless Steel or an OtterBox Case

 Make it Sensual

  • Ruki

  • Magnum Ice Cream

Make it Cheesy

  • Better Call Saul

  • Death Water

Make it for Geeks

  • The Long Now Foundation, Magic the Gathering

Create a New Format

  • Headspace Meditation App

  • Office Phone Booths

Revive an Old Format

  • Vinyl Resurgence

Make it really safe

  • Tooth Paste, approved by Dentists

Make it really risky

  • Base Jumping, Everest Expedition.

Leave something out

Make it Way Overbuilt on Purpose

  • North Face Backpacks

Turn it all the way up

  • Sub-Woofers

Help a Cause

Make it a Subscription

  • Stitch Fix

Sell by License

  • Sketch

Treat Customers like Owners

  • Jet Blue

  • REI

Treat customers like shit

Destroy a Sales Force

  • Facebook Self Serve Ads 

Build a Sales Force

  • So Far Sounds

Sell a New Product to your Market

  • The Taco Bell Hotel

Sell to a new market on your product. 

  • Aluminum Foil sold to Hair Salons

Use an Alternative Distribution Channel

  • CD’s + Music in a Starbucks

Make it Convenient

  • The iPod, all songs in your pocket.

Make it Inconvenient

  • The process of Developing Film Photography

Move into Retail

  • The first Apple Store

Move Out of Retail

  • Headspace on a Plane or classroom

Give it Unusual Timing

  • Supreme Drops

  • Snapchat disappearing messages

Unbundle It

  • Robinhood

Bundle It

  • Hulu + Spotify Deal

  • Shopify + Email

Open 24/7

  • Bitcoin

  • Waffle House

  • Vegas Casino

Rarely Open

  • Snowboarding Mountain, Bronners Christmas Store

Make the Boring, Not Boring

  • Red Bull

Make it Everywhere

  • Google

Obsess on ONE element

Obsess with Clean

  • Aesop

Obsess with Dirty

  • Tough Mudder

Make it Huge

  • Costco shopping, Ford Trucks

Make it really small    

  • Go Pro

Add Something 

  • Marshmallows to Kids Cereals

Leave something out

  • Cake Mix

Combine Something

  • S’mores

Make it Disposable

  • Band-Aids

Make it Reusable 

  • Etch E-Sketch 

Make it a Parody

  • Old Spice

Make it Serious

  • Dog Shows

Be In Public

  • Justin TV

Be in Private

  • Frank Ocean

There are many more I’m not listing, which Ill update…

The point of an “Edge” is that SOME people get it right away.

If the people you want to reach don’t “Get it” and fast, it’ll be tough to be noticed.

And if you’re not being noticed, maybe you haven’t found the right edge…

Blogs help you add a new point of view into the flow of information you consume, and I appreciate you choosing to include this one into that flow.

I’m David, and you can check out some past work or hit reply to chat further about your brand and how we can work together.