A24 Used Billboards to Screen Their Films

And a Film Studio becoming a Consumer Brand

A24 is the film Studio behind the films Moonlight, Ex Machina, Lady bird and dozens of others.

What’s interesting about A24 is it’s Consumer Brand-like appeal. What we’re seeing with A24 is this merging between a Studio and a Brand, creators and the Creation.

For example; Here is the popular A24 Podcast, and their merchandise store of which I have seen their items out in the wild on multiple occasions.

The A24 Beach Towel

How does a Movie Studio Become a Popular Consumer Brand?

What’s interesting about A24 is seeing how they are shifting this paradigm, finding customer acquisition outside the typical channels movie studios have used to drive ticket sales.

Simply the idea of signing up for their email list stretches beyond our typical relationship with a movie studio.

As part of the Ex Machina movie release, A24 created a Tinder Bot which was the AI character, Ava, to fool people into discussing and linking them to the film.


1/It comes down to their point of view, A24 is artist driven, and making films with a particular style, consumers come to expect and love their product.

2/Going audience-direct is smart because it is advertising that is essentially no cost. You can simply email your audience when something new has been release. Musicians, directors and actors alike are discovering this. Picture the Rock’s Instagram impact, relative to the ads they spend…

3/ Delight fans and moviegoers with creative ways to hype up the film, that stand out from the typical trailers and create a conversation about the film and the studio.

4/ I think “Billboard” usage today is as much about the online reaction that happens on social as it is about the eyes that pass it by.

Public Access: A24 is Screening their Films for Free on Billboards Across America.

You can check out where the screenings are playing near you here: https://publicaccess.a24films.com

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