An interview with Ana Andjelic on "Taste Communities" + Brand Research + Veblen Goods

Interview for the Death to Stock "Trend Council"

The “Trend Council” is a series of interviews I’m testing via Death to Stock with the people who are building what’s next in culture and brand. We dig in through short-form, curated interviews to bring you an updated way of thinking and acting as you build your brand.

In today’s edition, I have pulled together notes from my conversation with Ana Andjelic.

Ana is the Former Chief Brand Officer at Banana Republic, brand strategist (with an epic new stealth company coming soon, and is the writer of one of my all-time favortie Substack Newsletters.

I *highly* recommend you subscribe to her.

Here is what we cover:

  • Why “Taste Communities” are the new Persona Marketing

  • How Bored Apes created a “Veblen Good”

  • Why you should use Social Media Listening to find curators

  • How to identify up and coming cultural shifts

Here are two Tweet Threads from the show:

You can listen to our original, unedited Podcast here.

Transcript with audio here.

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