Audio's Growth Continues

Audio is unique in that it's screenless and ambient.

Slacks new feature test, audio rooms:

I'm still trying to wrap my head around all of the ways that this "audio" revolution is going to play out.

It seems like part of Spotify's massive investment strategy is that they foresee a world where the total amount of time spent on audio is just in its infancy. Meaning, people will spend an ever-increasing amount of time spent listening.

Audio is unique in that you can take it on the go without a screen, and it can be ambient.

If you think about those two qualities; being screen-less, and being ambient,  that adds up a to a LOT of total time to listen.

So Spotify can play music while you cook, and a podcast while you run. Facebook has always been a destination for when you're bored, in between things, like waiting in line at the store. But the amazing thing about Audio is that it can truly exist in the background even during such moments, all while being hands and vision free.

AirPods have been part of a massive unlock as well.

Their simplicity, battery life, and controls allow for you to seamlessly switch between environments, start and stop, and keep some type of audio on in the background.

What this means is that the conversation will never stop, not if you don't want it to.

Clubhouse etc. is a 24/7 discussion. You can now jump on at any time of day, and there will be some type of conversation that you can jump into.

Now, Slack is testing audio/video rooms, where you can equally leave an always-on audio space for people to chat in. You can pop in just like you would pop into a room at the office:

"The idea is that the call isn’t something that starts and stops, it’s something you enter and leave and the call is always there permanently associated with the channel,” explains Butterfield"

All of these "spaces" that are opening up for audio means we'll all be spending more time there. Where that continues to go, I'm not sure.

But I'm Long Spotify, Airpods, and conversational mediums that exist as always on-hangout rooms such as Clubhouse.

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xx David

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