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Hey, what’s up it’s David. I love brand communication and helping founders grow. I founded Death to Stock and help organize Jacuzzi Club. etc. etc.

This week I’m recording more episodes for my show where I chat with Internet creators about how they’re building a brand and community around what they do. I spoke with my friend Adrian from The Proof, Ben Tossell who I work with at Makerpad plus a few other shows are up.

This latest episode is with Anna Gát from the Interintellect which is a community for intellectuals.

You can listen here

You can also listen on Spotify

Her model is really unique in that there are global online salons you can attend each month – and those who host are both members and they get paid to lead the conversation. I have yet to attend but plan to soon.

Spotify Podcasting

Notice that I link these separate.

Also, Spotify doesn’t embed yet into Substack, and I see why. Substack is going after a similar market with its own podcasting tools built into the newsletter.

These days I’m more keen on sharing links to Spotify.

I’m loving their new podcast playlist feature and I think it’s the future of podcast discovery.

Basically you can now get a “discover weekly” version for podcasts which you subscribe to.

I think podcast discovery is massively broken and that playlists will be successful in surfacing what’s new and suggesting podcasts that I might not know about.

Spotify knows everything about your music preferences. I am willing to bet and hoping it will do the same for audio in general, which is a massive market and opportunity.

I’m trying something new and launching a Circle forum community for readers of my Caffeine newsletter.

I want to use this space to share more about what I’m seeing, and even some personal updates. And Caffeine is more specifically for helping others understand their own ideas, how to package and share them, and how to continue to grow in their career. This mirrors some of the coaching work I do with founders and teams.

Here is a bit more about it:

It's tough to try something new. 

You think you're going to get to it but you never seem to be able to.

You hear a voice down there somewhere urging you forward but yet you retreat. 

All of the fears that come with putting your ideas out there into the world stem from being afraid to be seen, as you are.

So often we're stuck pretending and that leaves us stuck in two worlds...

The internal – where we know who we are, what we're after, and we're grounded in our own presence.


The external – where we try and achieve, we perform, but not for the results we want. For the results we think OTHERS want…

That's why I'm going to be leading us through a series of new group experiments, each designed to help you develop internal clarityby taking you through micro-experiments and micro-risks aimed only at helping become more of who you are.

This is for you if:

  • You're one part business drive, one part grounded in the longer journey of your life.

  • You work better in beautiful spaces.

  • Your hobby grounds you (even if you don't get to it enough).

  • You wish to contribute more to the conversation.

Register interest here: 

Apply to Join Caffeine Circle Community

Communities still are a very hot topic right now.

Here is a post or to read: The Social Architecture of Impactful Communities

Running a Paid Membership Program from Craig Mod.

Last, I first heard Ana Andjelic speak on Clubhouse. Then I started reading more of her work. She has an amazing Substack called The Sociology of Business which I recommend here:

Have a great Friday,

I’m David, thanks for your attention. Hit reply to chat more about your brand or community or anything else that you’ve got questions about.

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