Emotionally, Then Technically


I hosted a Live interview with Andrew Tate from Animalz.

(link to interview)

Animalz does content for companies like Zendesk, Google, Intercom, and Profitwell. 

I was curious about their general philosophy and approach, and one question I asked about indirectly was clickbait. 

"What is the informational value of content, vs. the emotional value of content?"

My question was around whether or not content should be highly connective or highly technical.

Of course, this is situation dependent. But what I learned was interesting:

  1. The context for which informational does well is for people who already know a lot about a subject.

  2. And the context for when emotional information does well is for people who are newer to a subject.

This intuitively makes sense, and, for a company, you could break this down as “top of funnel” vs. “bottom of the funnel.”

But I think this goes beyond content. 

We’re attracted to things through their conceptual ideas, through more ethereal concepts that ignite in us some type of pull. This is why advertising is story-based, or comedic.

You want to attract someone with something emotional.

But once someone is already invested, they want to go deeper and get more technical. 

Once you believe in the story of a Ford Mustang, then you can learn about its engine performance. 

Once you learn about engine performance, then you can learn about the specific details of a specific clutch you can purchase.

And it just keeps going deeper. 

Myths are universal because they attract a wide audience. 

Technical writing about the programming language Swift is highly informational and thus available only to that sub-group who has gone down the rabbit hole and been attracted in the first place.

While software is highly technical, it’s initial marketing should not be.

A brand sits at the top.

Attracting people needs to come first. 

And those that fall deeply in love invest more in the details.

Products are built emotionally, then technically. 

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