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With our need for connection at an all-time high, people are finding creative ways to feel connected digitally.

An interesting area of Youtube that’s emerging is a type of “Deep Work” youtube where you study simultaneously with others.

You can think of it like a Study-group, a time to hold each other accountable to show up for something in you’re life you want to do. I’ve linked below a popular channel.

There’s something subtly different when someone is live versus pre-recorded.

There’s a reason Peloton, for example, hosts live classes instead of simply having a bank of videos. We feel more connected, and we’re more inclined to show up when someone else is physically doing the same thing at the same time.

It seems like the internet is going to go from being static to alive.

It’s a natural progression to follow. I had a thesis a while back for “living website” – i.e websites that let you know there is someone else on it.

We saw this emerge with products like “Fomo” which notify others who are buying from the same store that you are on.

Study with Me

Here’s a channel I enjoy watching where this kid studies for 12 hours (!!) a day, steams the whole thing and other people hang out, work at the same time, or just put it on in the background.

Ambient Lifestyle

While pre-recorded, you can imagine more streaming setups like this. Maybe just for watching people cook. You could also break the fourth wall and create a bit of a dialogue with the audience.

Craig Mod, as an example, has experimented with streaming his long walks around Japan.

Realistic Conferencing

Then there is new tech that makes video conferencing much more friendly to the viewer. It’s only a matter of time before this is available easily in the home.

Project Starline

Apps for Co-Working

On my Telegram I’ve been sharing a bit about which I love to use at my to-do list.

Coming soon will be groups for Centered, of which I’ll try and share with you first.

I’ll likely try and kick off my own group that you can join! So stay tuned for that.

Anyways, I’m looking for more ways to be connected and creating a sense of life during my time on the internet.

While asynchronous work is an incredible coordination feature of the web, during other parts of our day we may find ourselves with more human interaction rather than less, albeit through the screen.

Keep an eye out for more coworking, ambient/spatial meeting software, life-streaming etc., and let me know what you find.

xx David

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