Metaverses are just beginning

And here are two pioneers leaving shore for the new world

Note: I’m as sick of seeing so many NFT posts, as you are. But there is signal worth paying attention to, and what’s better for Art x Attention than what is emerging today?

Here is some signal to follow.

The edge that exists online today is incredible.

So, most of the battle is finding the signal through the noise.

In crypto, which is the space I follow closest, the beautiful thing about edge is that it’s investable and liquid.

Never has the edge of being a nerd been so profitable.

What I mean is that those that tinker on weekends on projects from the future can now get a stake in what’s being built, and if the network or technology appreciates, so can your capital right with it.

I am currently stunned by the genius of two pseudonyms, who now have made themselves public – Twobadour and Metakovan.

They are a unique type of genius, the type of genius that is overlapping perfectly with the emerging metaverse.

So if you want to follow what is going to happen in the Metaverse, follow MetaKovan and Twobadour as one source for that future. I believe they are a source for edge.

From NFTs: The First 5000 Beeples

"The money from that ETH investment rolled into several other new ideas, some of them billion-dollar projects like Polkadot, Tezos, Dfinity, Decentraland, Flow, and Avalanche. And this same fountainhead flows into Metapurse — with significant investments in NFTs — gaming assets, art, and yes, the iconic Beeple 5000.

The pattern of wealth building is dynamic. (empha mine) Like investing in a startup, there is rapid growth of capital, but the difference is early liquidity which leads to expedited compounding"

The genius of this duo is in the way they see the world.

What’s new is that capital is compounding faster, giving access to new types of financial expressions of genius.

It’s not clear to me that the typical incumbents will run the meta-verse.

“Offline” investors will have to follow, not lead, “Online” Investors.

“Offline” investors are those at your typical Investment Firms. “Online” investors are those that live on the internet and are literally staking out the future in the Metaverse as we speak.

Those who grew up online “speak the language” of the internet and therefore are more capable of traversing it.

The incumbents will be disrupted faster by more nimble, new entrants to markets as they emerge.

So I believe investors such as MetaKovan and Twobadour are just the beginning of a capital wave that will rule the metaverse.

You can read more here:

Or listen here:

I particularly find the perspectives on “Honor” to be interesting as it relates to the investment environment.

As always, send me a note, share your ideas or ask any questions you’d like,

xx David

P.S. I recently took a position in the B20 Token created by Metapurse (run by these two). Not investment advice and DYOR (Do Your Own Research).


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