Focused on the Future.

How we will win in the emergent future, together.

Hey, what’s up all. I’m seriously excited about what’s happening across markets, technology, media, and the future right now.

There are changes to the wind, and I think it’s going to be awesome.

I believe we are gearing up for an explosion of opportunities and creativity. This is driven by huge tailwinds accelerated by COVID.

Because of this I’m forming more of a focus on creativity, technology, and investing.

This means my focus is now on our personal relationship at work within the future that is being built today.

I believe that all of us need to migrate to the digital future that’s unfolding today if we are to be successful.

And I think it’s going to be so fun.

And I want to help YOU do that.

I have found it difficult to create the necessary time to share with I’m seeing with you on a regular basis.

Because of that, I’m shifting models to a paid substack. This will help prioritize being more transparent with what I’m seeing, doing, reading, and using.

If enough people want to come with me we can all start by diving in right away.

This will help me start and I think it will help you start as well.

So think of this like a line in the sand.

Time to dive into the new future…

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Paid Subscribers Get:

  1. Access to my weekly reading list (hosted here + Telegram)

    • I share what I’m reading and the apps I’m using. This gives you access to what I’m consuming in these areas every week to pull from. This will help you build your OWN ideas and context for the future.

    • You’ll get a Telegram invite link upon sign up.

  2. Video or audio commentary on the applications and ideas I’m sharing.

    • If you’ve listened to any of my audio snippets, my intention is to then give you the “why this matters to you” as well as the link itself. This can come within Substack or on Telegram (i’ll double up, you’ll see this by email as well).

  3. Occasional updates with apps or ideas that I think you should know about first.

    • I’ll share what I’m finding useful and why it might be something you could benefit from. You can share ideas with me as well and we can discuss.

Get 15% off forever

About me:

  • Founder of Death to the Stock Photo (Stock media co. to 500k subscribers and $3M in revenue with a team of 2)

  • Co-organizer of Jacuzzi Club, a brand community for 350+ brand owners and operators.

  • Always worked for myself. Been remote, with a global team since 2013.

  • Coach to Founders and Creators of remote teams… (Ex. client is the no-code startup Makerpad, exited to Zapier.)

  • Very interested in crypto investing and a major brand enthusiast.