The Retail Experience Shift to Services?

Personalized shopping experiences that curate for you.

What happens when someone other than yourself is making all of the recommendations or purchases for you?

This week I’m testing out Havenly. Heavenly helps you design your home (or office) by setting up a personal consultation with a designer.

You share your preferences, what you’re hoping to have designed and then they connect you with an affordable designer who can provide you with custom designs based on your budget and interests.

What’s interesting about this is this type of experience makes the buying process agnostic to the stores the products come from.

David Sherry 💀 ⚡ @_brandswell
The buying experience hints at *a* near future of online shopping. Retail-Services (RAS)? It makes the specific store/brand less relevant than your preferences, which are clarified and guided by an expert.

There’s a lot of talk about the coming wave of Audio and how that shapes what we purchase (When Siri does your shopping). AI’s, too, but I think we’re underestimating the personal services and shopping market.

As I think about it… I would do this in a heartbeat for men’s fashion.

I would also love AR experts to show up in my room with me (via glasses) and help talk me through my options. I think AR will be a game changer for this, as it’s going to bring the physical store, home to you.

Shopping can be kind of intimidating in its own way, does anyone else feel that?

For example, one thing I noticed that is that they asked me in this process my expected budget for the room redesign.

I had no idea!

In fact, I hate changing rooms.

I think they’re almost always terrible. But in my home, with a stylist I can go through my closet and look at potential options that would be nice additions.

Education is clearly the brand play here, but I think what’s lacking from most brands is the personalization aspects that Havenly is providing.

We’ve always had sales associates, of course, but this Havenly experience feels better than my experience at West Elm.

We mood board (part of the process), I use images from my actual room, AND I get options from any store on the web. AND I don’t have to leave my house.

I think this whole trend is beyond just Ecommerce (think education etc.), but I’ll speak about that another time.

I’m curious…What do you think? Have you tried new buying experiences lately?

xx David

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