Tomorrow's Verbs and Adjectives

Innovation gives us new words, here are some important words for products of the future.

Innovation brings us new abilities and those new abilities bring us new verbs and adjectives that describe our new powers.

Computers gave us "Copy” and “Paste."

Recording devices and video cameras gave us “Record”, “Play” and “Pause”.

And more recently we got "Likes" and other skeuomorphic terms online such as "Tip" or "Fund."

Tomorrow's Verbs and Adjectives will bring us into an entirely new realm of cyberspace, brought to us by advancing technologies like blockchain and VR.

I wanted to lay out some of those words I feel are crucial to understanding the future that’s coming.

These words will dominate the creator economy and how we expect to engage with businesses:


Blockchain ledgers and increasing storage capacity will record everything, permanently. We won't delete, only archive.

  • Consumers expect to not have their data be removed or be fully de-platformed.


Products will create immersion by spanning the metaverse, physical and digital, solo experience to multi-experience, single sense to multi-sense. Immersion is not only watching the movie, but acting in it or helping produce it.

  • Consumers expect their products to go beyond pure utility into entertainment, community, and experience.


Products will not only deliver on their original value of consumption but offer new opportunities beyond that to “access.”

Imagine buying a pair of shoes that grants you access to an e-sports game. Or imagine a pokemon card that gives you access to a discord server. Proof of ownership grants access.

  • Consumers expect products do deliver access to community or experiences.


Interoperability between systems will allow for products and goods to transfer between domains, from wallet to game, from game to game, from profile to wallet to game to auction to display back to wallet, and so on... Your digital goods will travel with you.

  • Consumers expect to move their products across the digital universe.


Physical Products will have mirror-world versions to utilize, a shoe will have a digital shoe that can live on your avatar.

  • Tomorrow’s consumers expect to catalog and display their physical products in cyberspace.


Products will allow us to move beyond customization (picking the color of your car) to personalization (picking from dozens, hundreds, or thousands of SKU's and indicators to make something completely unique to you)

  • Tomorrow’s consumers expect infinite choice and personalization.


(Credit to Lukso Network team for the term)

RFID chips and painted or printed Bar Codes will mark and catalog all of our physical objects giving them a digital filing or tracking.

  • Consumers expect a bridge between digital and physical.


Products will not only hold data from IOT chips, they will hold their histories, product details, past use, support information, and even supply chain transparency.

  • Consumers expect to be fully informed with data and history.


Full custody and ownership of digital goods and media will live outside of third parties or trusted intermediaries, giving people true ownership over their goods.

  • Consumers expect to fully own their digital goods as property.


The ethos of crypto is "Don't Trust, Verify" as all code is viewable, public, and transparent. Smart Contracts allow for public review rather than assumed trust.

  • Consumers expect to verify rather than trust whenever necessary.

Technology gives us new choices. These new choices give us the outlet to have new preferences. This list is only a sample of some of those new preferences. I have not mentioned many in the investing space (such as “Stake” or “Lend”) and many other areas that are emerging.

I will continue to read and research these areas but take note of which preferences or words you feel drawn to.

When progress takes place in technology and culture, these words go from novel to expected.

xx David

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