Turn Your Filter Bubble into a Classroom

Let the world be your teacher

Everyone knows that the “Filter Bubble” is an aspect of social media that keeps us trapped in a loop of just the things we like.

And every social media network is training their algorithms based on your unique usage, with every tap, like, comment, and follow the feed that you see personalizes, and makes it so that you see more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

But we don’t have to just fall prey to these algorithms…

We can use them to our advantage.

How to Get the Algorithm to Work for You.

Next time you want to learn something new, turn the filter bubble into a classroom/curriculum you build for yourself:

Step 1: Create a brand new account on the social media channel of your choosing (TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, etc.).

  • Name the account after what you’re learning, for example, “David_Learning_Real-Estate” or “David_Learning_Design-Basics”

  • Think of this account purely as a learning account. Don’t worry about getting any followers or likes or anything like that.

Step 2: Like, subscribe, and comment on the people and posts you think are best for you’re learning.

  • Begin to curate a feed of channels that you are drawn to that can educate you on a subject.

Step 3: Any time you’re bored, flip accounts to your learning channels.

Or put time on your schedule purely to binge for 30 minutes in this area.

  • With so many people sharing ideas and teaching online, the world is now your classroom. It’s up to you to put together the syllabus, but algorithms can be used to your advantage.

  • Continue to train the algo on what you want to see, and let them surface the best media and content related to a topic of your choosing.

BONUS Step 4: Begin sharing on your new channel about what you’re learning.

  • Sharing/Teaching is a great way to learn, and having a channel just for this progress is a great way to develop your skill.

As always, hit me up if I can help,

xx David

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